About us

Molen & Molen is the company of brother and sister Van der Molen. We help organisations with change and collaboration management processes. As trainers and advisors we greatly benefit from our years of experience as managers: we know how line responsibility feels and what impact organisational changes can have on stakeholders. We approach change from a business perspective and flourish on the tension between business goals and personal drives, the overcurrent and undercurrents of change, blueprint and co-creation.


Our respective careers, Michiel’s in the world of ICT and profit, Eva’s in the world of arts and education, help us to give meaning to the integration of the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ sides of change management.


Quality and integrity are core values we were raised with and corner stones of our company. A passion for social responsibility is their logical consequence.


Eva studied management and organisation psychology and attended the conservatory of music (piano). Project manager and advisor at cultural enterprises in Eastern and Central Europe; project management lecturer at universities and colleges in the Netherlands and abroad. As Dean in higher education she was responsible for siginificant changes. She is the mother of two adopted children, loves the mountains and is still enthusiastically committed to the piano.


Michiel studied architecture and has experience with change management in the roles of project sponsor, project and programme manager, advisor, trainer and auditor. He wrote several books about project governance, business case management and benefits management.

You can always talk with him about the kids, soccer, sailing, hockey and historical novels. And of course about life and anything that inspires you.