A project isn’t successful until the business result has been realised. That is the responsibility of the project sponsor. But how to effectively give strategic direction in a way that doesn't take up all of your time? That's what Successful Project Sponsorship is about. And that's the focus of our services. For managers who want to lead, but don’t always want to be at the head.


Molen & Molen is partner for professional project governance.

Michiel’s Book 'Successful Project Sponsorship: A Time-Saver for the Busy Executive' and his in-person consultancy brought in a lot of new aspects and inspirations for our new training concept.

Stephan Wohlfahrt, Director Corporate Project Management, Bosch GmbH


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Trainings and workshops

Professional project sponsorship (1 day)


For project sponsors and other managers participating in steering groups. We help you to exercise more strategic control for less effort.

Steering group startup (1 day)


A workshop for the members of the steering group and the project / programme manager. The foundation for a successful project or programme.

Benefits management for managers (1 day)


Benefit realization is the justification of change. A workshop for business managers focused on benefit ownership.

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Don't Blame the Project Sponsor! How to Advance Project Sponsorship in Organizations (article by Molen & Molen published on, 2016)