Bosch GmbH: consultancy regarding the development of a global education programme for project sponsors within the Bosch organisation (Stephan Wohlfahrt, Director Corporate Project Management)

Michiel’s Book 'Successful Project Sponsorship: A Time-Saver for the Busy Executive' and his in-person consultancy brought in a lot of new aspects and inspirations for our new training concept.

CSR Netherlands: facilitation of stakeholder dialogues focused on cooperation and value case development (Erwin Overbeek, Manager Large Companies Network) 

For me cooperation is key to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The value case approach of Molen & Molen makes multiple value creation directly tangible for all stakeholders and offers a foundation for true sustainable innovation.

National Archives of the Netherlands, workshops and offsite training/reflection sessions, internal and with partners (Anouk Baving, programme manager Archive 2020)

Programme management for the government has to deal with a complex range of goals, interests and stakeholders. Michiel's clear and flexible way of leading the meeting gave way to clear discussions which made the common benefits tangible and led to considerably better cooperation. Mutual positions and expectations can now be better addressed resulting in more open and effective communication.

University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences: facilitation of a workshop business case development (Sharon Klinkenberg, chairman Focus Group Digital Testing University of Amsterdam)

Mainly thanks to the business case workshop, the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences managed to iron out all their administrative  issues in record time and implement a joint digital testing facility. Bringing together all parties at an early stage paid off tremendously.

Dutch Railways: workshop benefits management with programme board Introduction Chipcard and Limited Access to Railway Stations (Bas Rijnders, Programme Manager)

In an inspiring work session with the programme board led by Michiel van der Molen, the proposed benefits of the programme were linked to benefit owners. The advantage of Michiel’s approach was that this link originated in a natural way and therefore was truely supported. This was confirmed by the follow-up process, when we implemented benefit monitoring together with the benefit owners.

Achmea Bank, training and workshops for project sponsors (Ellen Peeters, Senior Manager Operations)

My experience over several years: Michiel van der Molen is capable of reinforcing the steering capabilities of a team, whether on strategic, tactical or operational level. He does this with calmness, insight and pleasant perserverance.

National Child Protection Services of the Netherlands: Steering Group Startup within Youth System Conversion Programme (Hans D. Nusse, programme manager)

The outline we created during the Steering Group Startup has provided a clear direction. Thanks to the input of all the participants it was relatively easy for me to transfer the marked out route to the project team and stick to it.

Sensire: training project management (Kevin van Guilik, Project Manager)

Through the integrated approach of both the ‘hard’ aspects of project management and ‘soft’ skills of personal qualities, organisational culture and the way these influence each other, Michiel and Eva have managed to develop participants’ potential for improvement as intended. I look back on a very successful training.

Framco Management: leadership workshop (Dirk Jan Frijling, Director)

With Eva's guidance within a short time a deep connection developed among the participants, who didn't know each other beforehand. In the words of one of them, a director from the health care sector: 'A leader is often lonely. Today I felt a companionship develop, that invited me to enter into a very open dialogue about the dilemmas that concern me'.

Large public sector organisation: training in Project Sponsorship and Steering Group Startups, training Transparent Project Management (Strategic Advisor)

Michiel's trainings have increased the awareness of roles and responsibilities within our organisation. They have led to greater focus in governance and consequently to better results in a controlled way. In particular, we realise how his input represents added value when the situation is not too rosy. When things are going well this is evident in any case. This has also been confirmed by the added value evaluation carried out 3 months after each training.

University of Amsterdam, training Business Case Management (Frank van Tatenhove, Information Manager)

The business case management training is a must if you want to achieve the proposed goals of projects and programmes. The training stimulates to get down to work, also because of the clarity of Michiel's approach and language.